The Mysteries of Pompeii - Earrings


On the necklace and the earrings, I have hand-painted scenes from the famous suburban Villa of Pompeii, frescoed with figures that refer to the Dionysian cult. That villa's fresco is known for its mysterious characters. In that scene there are women, who are unfolding a purple veil, a symbol of the wine and its God; a little girl reading the rules to favor that God, under the gaze of mature women; a young woman who is perhaps preparing for a wedding. It could be the representation of the ritual for becoming a follower of Dionysus, the god of wine, or perhaps the depiction of the mystery of life, of becoming an adult. Pompeii always leaves open questions.

The technique that I used is acrylics on wood. The pins are in Zamak, the resin elements are Made in Italy and completely hypoallergenic. The necklace is made of golden crystal. The painted elements have a diameter of 4.8 cm.

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