Our history

Pompeii Jewels was founded in 2009 out of Ciro's passion for the wonderful archaeological site of Pompeii.

His passion dates back to his early years, when Ciro, a Neapolitan kid, was often accompanied by his father to the magnificent archaeological site, learning and discovering every corner of it.

At the age of 20, Ciro decides to change his life and move to New York City, where he learns the art of jewelry. During his life in the Big Apple, Ciro never gives up his passion for his homeland, where he decides to return 15 years later.

It is at that point that he decides to combine his passion with his job, and creates a new collection of jewelry inspired by the accessories that Roman women wore 2000 years ago.

The Crotalia

The pride of our collection is the Crotalia, one of the most fashionable jewels in ancient Rome, which is also present in numerous frescoes. Crotalias were so called for the sound they produced when, while walking, the pendants collided with each other. According to Romans, their sound resembled that of a rattlesnake (in Latin “crotalus”).

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